sexta-feira, 24 de dezembro de 2010

George Russell Sextet at the Five Spot 1960

Recorded at the Five Spot Cafe, New York, September 20, 1960

George Russell - piano & arr. Al Kiger - trumpet David Baker - trombone Dave Young - tenor saxophone Chuck Israels - bass Joe Hunt - drums

1. Sippin' at Bells (Davis) 7:19
2. Dance Class (Bley) 6:17
3. Swingdom Come (Russell) 7:30
4. 121 Bank Street (Baker) 5:58
5. Beast Blues (Bley) 8:56
6. Moment's Notice (Coltrane) 8:02


PW: melanchthon

Thanks to Melanchthon - Sic Vos Non Vobis

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  1. hey man
    does the file is a .rar?? The reason I ask is because the file extension is .7z and I can´t open the file.

    I´d really appreciate your help


  2. Hi
    the file extension .7z is correct
    well, I had an Apple Mac and it works well with my software "Stufflt Expander" or "Symply rar" both are freeware, I don't know if they have for windows, try with other software
    If you can't resolve the problem, send me an email and i will up a new link


  3. Thank you very much man!

    I also have a Mac but the software I used to use was UnrarX. Thank you, the Stuffit Expander is a great option.