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Jessica Williams Live At Yoshi's 2003

Mp3@320 kbps. Scans

Recorded on July 9 & 10, 2003 at Yoshi's at Jack London Square, Oakland, CA.

Jessica Williams - piano Ray Drummond - bass Victor Lewis - drums

volume one
1. I'm Confessin' [That I Love You] (Daugherty, Neiburg, Reynolds) - 7:21
2. Say It [Over and Over Again] (Loesser, McHugh) - 6:20
3. You Say You Care (Robin, Styne) - 7:01
4. Tutu's Promise (Williams) - 9:30
5. Heather (Cobham) - 6:29
6. Alone Together (Dietz, Schwartz) - 11:26
7. Poem in G minor (Williams) - 8:33
8. I Want to Talk About You (Eckstine, Rachel) 6:11
9. Mysterioso (Monk) 8:05

volume two
1. Flamenco Sketches (Davis) - 8:52
2. Why Do I Love You (Hammerstein, Kern) - 8:56
3. Spoken Softly (Williams) - 6:49
4. Elbow Room (Williams) - 8:06
5. Soldaji (Williams) - 5:16
6. Paul's Pal (Rollins) - 8:16
7. Dear Gaylord (Williams) - 7:46
8. Lulu's Back in Town (Dubin, Warren) - 6:46
9. Summertime (Gershwin, Heyward) - 8:29

vol. one - part1 - part2 -- vol. two - 1part

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Thanks to Jasapaal - Jazzsi

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Lennie Tristano At The Cafe Bohemia

from L to R: Bill Harris, Denzil Best, Flip Phillips, Billy Bauer, Chubby Jackson, Lennie Tristano
The Pied Piper (Later Café Bohemia), New York, August 22, 1947.

Lennie Tristano Live At The Café Bohemia 1947

Lennie Tristano All Stars Live At The Cafe Bohemia
Label: Rare Live Recordings (only for collectors)
MP3@320 Kb/s : 122.45 Mb - Time: 75:15

Recorded live at the Cafe Bohemia, New York City, on August 22, 1947.
Lineup on tracks #1-5:
Lennie Tristano piano, Bill Harris trombone, Flip Phillips tenor sax, Billy Bauer guitar, Chubby Jackson bass, Denzil Best drums.
[Pianist Argonne Thornton replaces Tristano on track 5 only]

Recorded at the "Look Up & Live" TV Broadcast, from the Half Note, New York City, June 6, 1964.
Lineup on tracks #6-8:
Lennie Tristano piano, Lee Konitz alto sax, Warne Marsh tenor sax, Sonny Dallas bass, Nick Stabulas drums.

01. What Is This Thing Called Love (13:52)
02. Just You, Jus Me (10:45)
03. A Knight In The Village (9:42)
04. Medley: Body And Soul / Sweet Lorraine (4:05)
05. Flip Meets Bill (10:38)

06. Subconscious-Lee (6:19) (*) Bonus Track
07. 317 East 32nd (9:55) (*) Bonus Track
08. Background Music (9:59) (*) Bonus Track


A rarely heard jam session presented here for the first time ever on CD.
This exciting compilation (which might more accurately have been called "Live at the Pied Piper and the Half Note") should come as a pleasant surprise to early modern jazz lovers, especially those who admire the work of pianist and philosopher Lennie Tristano. Tracks 1-5, credited to trombonist Bill Harris & His All Stars, were recorded in live performance on August 22, 1947 inside the Pied Piper at 15 Barrow Street in New York City's West Village. These tracks were released on LP in the '70s as Jazz Showcase 5001, A Knight in the Village. The Pied Piper mainly featured old-school jazz players like Wilbur De Paris and James P. Johnson, and wouldn't become the Café Bohemia until 1949 when it was purchased by one James Garofolo, who didn't adopt a rigorously progressive jazz policy until six years later. Bill Harris was a modernist associated with the bop-addled Woody Herman and Charlie Ventura bands. Tristano and tenor saxophonist Flip Phillips received feature billing, with the rest of the All-Stars, consisting of guitarist Billy Bauer, bassist Chubby Jackson, and drummer Denzil Best. On "Flip Meets Bill," Tristano was replaced by Argonne Thornton, who was on the verge of changing his name to Sadik Hakim. He is remembered for his work with Charlie Parker, Dizzy Gillespie, Dexter Gordon, and Lester Young, a master improviser who was one of Tristano's personal heroes.

The rest of the material presented here was recorded inside the Half Note at 289 Hudson Street on June 6, 1964 for use in a Look Up & Live television broadcast narrated by Dr. William Hamilton. Originally released on Tristano's Jazz Records label, tracks 6-8 feature saxophonists Lee Konitz and Warne Marsh with bassist Sonny Dallas and drummer Nick Stabulas. If part of this lineup rings a few bells, note that in 1961, Konitz, Dallas, and Stabulas (as well as Elvin Jones) made a bunch of studio recordings for Verve which were released in 2007 on Universal's deluxe three-CD "Elite Edition" of Motion. That package, which fairly bristles with alternate takes, is recommended as a vibrant counterpart to this double reissue of uncommon location recordings which feature the predictably unpredictable Lennie Tristano.

2008 release, a rarely heard jam session available for the first time on CD. Features Modern Jazz piano genius Lennie Tristano playing with an all-star group including trombonist Bill Harris and tenor saxophonist Flip Phillips. As a bonus, the complete soundtrack from a rare TV broadcast featuring Tristano with Warne Marsh and Lee Konitz has been added. Eight tracks. RLR.

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John Coltrane Quartet - The 1962 Graz Concert

Recorded at 'Stefaniensaal',Graz Austria in November 28, 1962.

John Coltrane - tenor saxophone McCoy Tyner - piano Elvin Jones - drums Jimmy Garrison - bass

01 -Bye Bye Blackbird (23:38)
02 - The Inchworm (12:31)
03 - Autumn Leaves (10:34)
04 - Every Time We Say Goodbye (06:54)
05 - Mr. P.C. (19:26)

01 - I Want To Talk About You (14:02)
02 - Impressions (20:55)
03 - My Favorite Things (23:30)


The complete 1962 Graz Concert by the John Coltrane Quartet is historically noted for one particular item: this recording from the Austrian city contains the only known performance of "Autumn Leaves" by this group. Coltrane played it often during his tenure in Miles Davis' quintet, and in solo performances with pickup bands in Europe earlier, but other than on this occasion, it's nowhere else in his oeuvre. The date has been released either in whole or in part before, back in 1999 on Great Britain's Charly imprint, and part of it appeared on a collection from various European live dates known as Sheets of Sound as well as on a rather dodgy bootleg entitled Spiritual on the Delta imprint. The music is terrific. The eight tracks that cover two discs offer the band the opportunity to really stretch out. This standard is a perfect example as Coltrane switches from tenor to soprano. Elsewhere, such as on "My Favorite Things," "Impressions," and "I Want to Talk About You," you can hear the fullness of the direction the band was heading to, before A Love Supreme was even recorded. There is a beautiful reading of "Every Time We Say Goodbye" and real workouts on "Mr. P.C." and "Bye Bye Blackbird," which clocks in at a whopping 23 minutes. The sound is not improved on this version; if you already have the Charly set, there is no need for a second purchase -- it's radio broadcast quality. If you don't have it, however, and consider yourself a fan, it's available again in the 21st century, so snag it because the performance is dynamite.
by Thom Jurek in All Music Guide

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Stolen Moments: The Monterey Jazz Festival

Johnny Hodges in 1960
Miriam Makeba in 1960 singing "Evolution of the Blues. She had just come from South Africa
Duke Ellington and Paul Gonsalves in 1960. The photo was taken during one of Paul's extended solos.
Monk, Dizzy Gillespie, and Gerald Wilspn backstage in 1963
Miles Davis having a cigarette lit by Harry James on the backstage in 1963
Miles Davis and Steve McQueen on backstage in 1963
Mingus in 1964
Monk in 1964
Teddy Edwards in 1964
Louie Bellson in 1966
Duke Ellington, 1966
Arranger and Composer Gil Evans in 1966; Evans was warming up in a large rehearsal hall backstage
Jackie McLean in 1966
Elvin Jones in 1966
Woody Herman in 1966 or 1967

photos were taken by Jim Marshall using his Leica M4

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Nina Simone Live At Ronnie Scott's London 1984

Nina Simone - Live At Ronnie Scott's [1984] - DRG 91428
Flac+Cue+Log+Artwork (252 Mb) | MP3@320+Artwork (110 Mb)

Live concert at Ronnie Scott's Club in Soho, London on November 17, 1984

Nina Simone vocals, piano - Paul Robinson drums

01. God, God, God . 6:50
02. If You Knew . 2:39
03. Mr. Smith . 2:30
04. Fodder On Her Wings . 6:05
05. Be My Husband . 4:06
06. I Loves You, Porgy . 2:41
07. The Other Woman . 2:19
08. Mississippi Goddam / Moon Over Alabama . 6:42
09. For A While . 4:41
10. See Line Woman . 2:54
11. I Sing Just To KnowI'm Alive . 1:11
12. My Baby Just Cares For Me . 3:38

MP3@320+Artwork (110 Mb)
part 1 | part 2 FileFactory - Rapidshare part 1 | part 2
Flac+Cue+Log+Artwork (252 Mb)
part 1 | part 2 | part 3 FileFactory - Rapidshare part 1 | part 2 | part3

.rar files have 3% recovery record and are interchangeable

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Chet Baker & Lee Konitz In Concert [1974]

Chet Baker & Lee Konitz - In Concert

India Navigation IN 1052 - Released: 1974

Live Recording at "Ornette's Club", Woodstock, NY, April, 1974

Chet BakerTrumpet, Lee Konitz Alto Saxophone,Michael Moore Bass,Beaver Harris

1. Airegin (Sonny Rollins)
2. Au Privave (Charlie Parker)

3. Body And Soul (Oscar Micheaux)

4. Willow Weep For Me (Ann Ronell)

5. Walkin'

mediafire 94Mb

David Murray Quartet Live at the Lower Manhattan Ocean Club 1977

David Murray Quartet Live at the Lower Manhattan Ocean Club Vol.1& 2

India Navigation IN 1032 and IN 1044 - CD reissue IN 1032 CD

Recorded live at the Lower Manhattan Ocean Club, NYC December 31 1977

David Murray tenor sax, soprano sax on 2, Lester Bowie trumpet, Fred Hopkins bass, Phillip Wilson drums

vol 1

1. Nevada's Theme (David Murray) 11:23

2. Bechet's Bounce (David Murray) 7:32

3. Obe (Lawrence"Butch" Morris) 18:12

4. Let The Music Take You (David Murray) 3:36

1. For Walter Norris (Lawarence"Butch" Morris) 23:24
2. Santa Barbara And Crenshaw Follies (David Murray) 12:20

mp3s @320kbps

This post is a rip of a CD reissue of two LPs collecting together the music performed by a Murray led quartet at a Manhattan club on New Year's eve in 1977. You can almost smell the seafood in the club's name! It re-unites the rhythm section of Hopkins and Wilson from Murray's earlier India Navigation recording from eighteen months before, and adds Lester Bowie.

Bowie is the link between the three most powerful groupings of musicians who came together in New York in the late 1970s to transform the established free jazz movement into the new music scene. Bowie had been active in both St Lois and Chicago in the collectives that became BAG and AACM respectively, and here in New York he is one of the earliest to play with musicians, who like Murray had come from LA. Inspired by the Black Arts movement and the idea of musical collectives they had nurtured these ideas in major black communities in the US, but ultimately moved to new York, often after sojourns in Europe.

Bob Cummins was one of those jazz lovers and small-scale entrepreneurs who captured much of the vibrant energy of the scene on his India Navigation label in the 1970s. He seemed to earn his living as a lawyer, and spent it on recording live performances in the lofts and small venues, and then releasing the recordings. He died in September 2000, but small bursts of CD reissues seem to appear from time to time. Not sure why and how, but I'm always glad of the opportunity to listen to more. This one seems to be out of print as far as I can tell. It was certainly hard to find a copy when it was first re-released.

I haven't got the original vinyl LPs, but the CD liner notes say there's nearly seven minutes taken off 'Santa Barbara And Crenshaw Follies', and by my calculations there's possibly over two minutes less on 'For Walter Norris' if the timings on LP and CD can be believed (they can't usually). The CD notes also talk about an unreleased track. many of these tracks were staples of Murray's repertoire, and you get the usual personal dedications, rich textures and sometimes inspired themes. I'm very fond of this recording. I hope you enjoy it too.

David Murray