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Babs Gonzales - Sunday Afternoon at Small's Paradise

Babs Gonzales - Sunday Afternoon at Small's Paradise
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Recorded live at the Great Harlem Club Small's Paradise, New York City, 1962

Babs Gonzales voice, vocals, Johnny Griffin tenor sax, Clark Terry trumpet, flugelhorn,
Horace Parlan
piano, Buddy Catlett bass, Ben Riley drums

01. Introduction - Satin Doll
02. Oop-Pop-A-Da
03. Le Moody Mood Pour Amour
04. Integration
05. Be-Bop Santa Claus
06. Dem Jive New York People
07. 'Round About Midnight
08. Keep An Ugly Woman
09. St Louis Blues


Dauntless/Audio Fidelity Records(USA) #DS6311(LP) and Dauntless/Fresh Sound Records(Spain) #DC6005(CD)
and on Chiaroscuro Records (LP #CR2025).

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  2. Thanks for Babs, and for the info/story on Small's

  3. Any chance of making this available again? or sending me a link? thanks Jimgweb@gmail.com