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New York's Village Vanguard

The Village Vanguard is a jazz club in Greenwich Village in New York City on 7th Avenue South.
The club opened on February 22, 1935 by Max Gordon (1901-1991).
At first it also featured other forms of music such as folk music and beat poetry, but it switched to an all-jazz format in 1957.

Over 100 jazz albums have been recorded at the venue since the (originally single) album under Sonny Rollins' name in 1957. The two most famous engagements in the club's history are probably those of Bill Evans and John Coltrane, both of which took place in 1961. Wynton Marsalis regularly recorded at the club in the early 1990s; the results were issued in a multi-disc set. Other musicians to release notable albums recorded live at the Village Vanguard include Dexter Gordon, Chris Connor, Keith Jarrett, Woody Shaw, Joe Henderson, and Brad Mehldau.

Since Max Gordon died in 1991, the club has been run by Lorraine Gordon, his widow

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