segunda-feira, 12 de julho de 2010

Lenny Breau

In 1981 Hemme Luttjeboer heard the late great Lenny Breau perform with bassist
Don Thompson at the Bourbon Street Jazz club in Toronto, Ontario.
It was a laid back setting replete with dinner and wine.

This was Hemme's first live acquaintance with Lenny and he didn't disappoint.
Between sets he asked him if he would play 'The Claw' (Jerry Reed).
He graciously obliged by performing it on his custom 7 string acoustic which featured a high A.

Next to Hemme's table sat a girl who was capturing Lenny with pen on a piece of the table napkin.
After Lenny's dazzling solo set Hemme approached her and asked if she was willing to part with
her sketch. Lenny, then quietly and humbly autographed it for him.

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