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Sonny Stitt At The D.J. Lounge (1961)

Recorded at the D.J. Lounge, Chicago, June, 1961.

Sonny Stitt on alto and tenor saxophones
Johnny Board on tenor sax
Eddie Buster on organ
Joe Shelton on drums.

1. McKie's (Sonny Stitt) 9:36
2. It All Depends On You (DeSylvia-Henderson-Brown) 5:53
3. Blue Moon (Rogers-Hart) 5:49
4. Jay Tee (Sonny Stitt) 6:18
5. I'm in the Mood for Love (McHugh-Fields)4:41
6. Free Chicken (Sonny Stitt) 8:47

Issued as Argo LP LPS-683

:: Sonny Stitt At The D.J. Lounge ::

A very nice free and easy blowing session, pairing Sonny Stitt with ex-Lionel Hampton sideman Johnny Board, another of those big toned tenor players.
Along with Eddie Buster on organ and Joe Shelton on drums, this adds up to a pretty good listen.

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