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Charles Lloyd at Montreux Jazz Festival '82

Recorded at the Montreux Jazz Festival, July 1982

Charles Lloyd tenor sax Michel Petrucciani piano Palle Danielsson bass Son Ship Theus drums

1. Introduction
2. Imke (The Call)
3. Wind in the Trees
4. Very Early
5. Michel
6. Forest Flower (Sunrise/Sunset)


This is simply a fantastic album, and I cannot fathom why it has not be issued on CD, particularly with Lloyd's recent acceptance as an elder statesman. I've searched for years, and finally gave up. I have a nice turntable, but I damaged the stylus moving it last year. Given that I only have a handful of records I need to digitize, I put off replacing it. Well, I started shopping for a USB turntable, and quickly realized that the cost was going to be close to what it would cost to replace my cartridge. As it happens, that was not entirely true, but I was able to find a 'good enough' replacement for about 1/3 the cost thanks to some help from the good folks at Needle Doctor.

This album may contain one of my all-time favorite versions of Bill Evans' Very Early. While not essential, the whole date cooks, and Lloyd is in excellent form.

Thanks to bayviewsax-lostsoul

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