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Clifford Jordan Quartet - Live at the Hasty Pudding Club 1982

Recorded Live at the Hasty Pudding Club, Cambridge, MA, October 18, 1982

Clifford Jordan on tenor sax John Hicks on piano Jamil Nasser on bass Vernell Fournier on drums

First Set

1. Invitation
2. Confirmation
3. Blue And Boogie
4. I'll Be Around
5. Evidence
6. Be- Bop

Second Set
1. The Way You Look Tonight*
2. Woody'n You
3. Hot House
4. Lush Life
5. Moose The Mooch
6. The Highest Mountain

*requested by John Lockwood

first set
second set

192KBPS mp3, but source material was Maxell tape recorded on a Panasonic 'boom' box

Clifford let us record this; I was 12. The band was awesome and the house was full. Among those in the audience: Steve Schwarz (WGBH), Alan Dawson, and John Lockwood. This was one of the first bands I saw (prior to this I'd seen George Coleman with Terri-Lynne Carrington at this venue, and Art Farmer at a local high school). Anyway, this is a nostalgic set for me, but it's great music. I sent Clifford the tapes, but he felt the sound quality was too low to be released. When I digitized it, it was in the early days of the technology and the results were somewhat sketchy. In the interim, my tape player died and I just don't care to pay to replace it, so I haven't redone these yet. Still, the music is great.

Thanks a lot to the Original Uploader!
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  1. Set 1

    Set 2

  2. Fantastic post, thanks, I also love the idea of devoting a blog to live shows, since jazz improvisation always has some added dimensione more when performed for or at least with an audience

  3. Hello, could this one please re-uploaded? The links are dead at RS.