segunda-feira, 16 de maio de 2011

Now's The Time, Some of my favorite ladies.

Here are some great pictures posted by Tom Marcello Flikr photostream.
He said he took these photos the night before the record date "Now's The Time" in 1977.
Mary Osborne on guitar Marian McPartland on piano Vi Redd on saxophones Lynn Milano on bass Dottie Dodgion on drums
Rochester, N.Y. June 30th, 1977
Mary Osborne, Vi Redd & Dottie Dodgion .jpg
Mary Osborne, Vi Redd & Dottie Dodgion.jpg
Vi Redd, Marian McPartland & Dottie Dodgion.jpgMarian McPartland, Lynn Milano & Dottie Dodgion.jpg

2 comentários:

  1. They were either taken on two different nights or the women changed clothes between sets.

    Anyway, Vi Redd is an interesting musician who never received much attention before she went into education.

  2. They were taken both on the night before and on the night of the recording.
    Tom Marcello