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Ben Sidran Hammond Quartet - Cien Noches (2008)

Recorded live at the Café Central, Madrid Spain 2008

Ben Sidran Organ, Vocals Bob Rockwell Tenor Saxophone, Flute Leo Sidran Drums and Vocals Louka Patenaude Guitar

1 . Welcome To The Central 1:36
2 . Gotta Serve Somebody 5:14
3 . Take Me To The River 7:39
4 . Drinkin' n Thinkin' 5:03
5 . A Room In The Desert 6:28
6 . Straight No Chaser 5:50
7 . Something For You To Do 0:22
8 . See That Rock 7:13
9 . Subterranean Homesick Blues 5:47
10 . Folio 8:57
11 . Cave Dancing 10:37

This is Ben Sidran's first Hammond B3 organ project. It's an instrument he has played for forty years, and occasionally (as on his recent radio-friendly CD Nick's Bump) featured on recordings. But CIEN NOCHES - the title refers to the fact that over a period of ten years he performed one hundred nights at Madrid's famed Cafe Central - is the first time he has paid direct tribute to the instrument and the club scene it spawned.
The album includes the original songs "Get It Yourself", an acerbic commentary on the rock and roll industry, and "Cave Dancing", an extended parable of jazz and the roots of religion. In addition, it features two Bob Dylan classics, "Gotta Serve Somebody" and "Subterranean Homesick Blues" along with saxophonist Bob Rockwell's "Drinkin' and Thinkin", an obvious party favorite.
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    WavPack (image+cue, scans) : lossless