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George Adams and Don Pullen Quartet Live at The Village Vanguard 1983

Recorded Live on August 19, 1983 at the Village Vanguard N Y C

George Adams Tenor saxophone Don Pullen Piano Cameron Brown Bass Dannie Richmond Drums

Live at the Village Vanguard (Vol. 1) (1983)
1. The Necessary Blues
2. Solitude
3. Intentions
4. Diane
Live at the Village Vanguard (Vol. 2) (1984)
Saturday Night in the Cosmos
2. City Gates
3. The Great Escape
4. Big Alice

vol1 ÷ vol2

The Live at the Village Vanguard dates (sold separately as Volume 1 and 2) were recorded during their gig at the Vanguard on August 19, 1983 and put out on the Soul Note label. As live concerts, the music is often more freewheeling than their studio sessions and consequently, the energy level is quite high throughout. Unfortunately, the recording quality is less than perfect, with a fairly anemic sound pervading despite the obvious passion of the music and its players. Such is often the price of live dates however, and since these are out of print, but at least still findable, one can hardly complain.

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  2. Unfortunately link 2 seems to be dead. Could you pls fix it?

  3. Thanks for the download. However, vol.2 is not working.

  4. Thanks for the download. However, vol.2 is not working.