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Charlie Ventura & Bill Harris Live At the Three Deuces (1947)

Charlie Ventura & Bill Harris : Live At the Three Deuces : 1947
Lossless : FLAC(tracks +.cue, log + scans) : 224 MB (+ 3% rec.)
Label: Highnote Records

Historic live performances at the Three Deuces in New York City 1947

Charlie Ventura tenor sax Bill Harris trombone
Ralph Burns piano Bob Leininger bass Dave Tough drums

1 . Characteristically B.H. (В. Harris) 9:54
2 . Blue Champagne (J. Eaton / F. Ryerson / G. Watts) 5:18
3 . Frolic Sam (C.C. Williams) 7:45
4 . High On An Open Mike (C. Ventura) 9:06
5 . Body And Soul (J. Green / E. Heyman / R. Sour) 7:37
6 . The Great Lie (C. Calloway / A. Gibson) 7:37
7 . Everything Happens To Me (T. Adair / M. Dennis) 3:18
Total Time: 51:48

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Charlie Ventura and Bill Harris made their mark among fellow jazz musicians but both died in obscurity. The reappearance of these historic live performances from 1947 are important parts of their discography, most of them transcribed by collector Jerry Newman during gigs at the Three Deuces. Unlike 78 rpm discs of the era, the musicians get a chance to stretch out at length. Ventura's boppish tenor sax shows the influence of swingers like Coleman Hawkins and Ben Webster, yet he is clearly speaking a new language on the instrument. Harris is a bit more economical with his notes but no less effective an improviser. The rhythm section features pianist/arranger Ralph Burns, bassist Bob Leininger and the tragic but gifted drummer Dave Tough. While this isn't a complete compilation of their material from this period, it represents most of the highlights. Highly recommended.

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  1. It is linked to Gwyneth Herbert NOT Bill Harris.

  2. Where is the Bill Harris CD? I don't want to download some British singer.

  3. Wrong!! Something is wrong. Where is Charlie Ventura? He is not here. Bill Harris is not here. Who is Gwyneth Herbert?

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  5. Thank you very much, fine jazz. A couple of the tracks were available on the ProperBox Charlie Ventura set but it's great to have all the recordings from this session at last. Thanks again.