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Jimmy Raney Live at Bradley's 1974

Live at Bradley's, New York, December 17 & 18, 1974.

Jimmy Raney (electric guitar) Bill Takas (bass)
Eddie Diehl (electric guitar - on CD 1, #6-7 & CD 2, #3-5 only)

01. I Remember You

02. Dancing On The Ceiling

03. How About You

04. I Love You

05. It Could Happen To You

06. Like Someone In Love

07. Indiana/Donna Lee

08. Days Of Wine And Roses

Total time: 70:28 min. 

01. Darn That Dream
02. Billie's Bounce

03. I Remember You (Version #2)
04. Body and Soul
05. Indiana/Donna Lee (Version #2)

06. Out Of Nowhere
07. On Green Dolphin Street

08. Motion 

Total time: 70:02 min. 

d1 _ d2

An extended previously unissued live performance by one of the true masters of jazz guitar. Two hours of never heard solos by Jimmy Raney recorded in the year of his musical comeback. 

From 1967 to 1974, the great guitarist Jimmy Raney (1927-1995) went into semi-retirement in Louisville, and didn't make a single trip to the recording studios. Whether this was due to personal problems (like his growing alcohol addiction) or to the lack of interest by the major recording companies, his discography presents a notable gap of almost ten years, which is only represented by a couple of live recordings. 

Recorded with amateur equipment on December 17 & 18, 1974 at New York's famous Bradley's club, the concerts on this CD occurred just after Raney's comeback. Like many other great jazzmen, Jimmy Raney had a unique musical sound, which encompassed both modern and traditional styles. 

Considering that this is an amateur recording made at a crowded club, the sound quality here is obviously not up to Gambit's usual standards. However, we felt that the musical and historical importance of these performances more than compensated for any deficiencies on the original masters. 

A very spare and stripped down live date from Jimmy Raney -- one that mostly just features bass accompaniment, plus a bit of extra rhythm guitar on a few tracks! The unfettered sound is quite unique, and a great opportunity to hear Raney's talents on the guitar during this under-recorded point in his career -- and the live date marks one of the first moments of a mid-70s comeback that showed Jimmy as more imaginative on his solos than ever! Most tracks are quite long and open -- with bass from Bill Takas, plus extra rhythm guitar from Eric Diehl on 5 of the 16 numbers on the 2CD set. Titles include "I Love You", "I Remember You", "Darn That Dream", "Billie's Bounce", "Out Of Nowhere", "On Green Dolphin Street", "Motion", "Days Of Wine & Roses", and "Indiana/Donna Lee".

Not a hi-fi recording, I guess it is motly for die-hard jazz guitar fans. A great, rare chance to hear Jimmy Raney performing live in the 70's, however.

Thanks to mohaoffbeat

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  2. Your last sentence says it all!! A great, rare chance to hear Jimmy Raney performing. Period!!
    Many thanx!!!

  3. The Great Eddie Diehl [ not Eric ]
    Eddie still plays great today in his 70's.
    Check out his record "Well Here it is" with Hank Jones on piano